Dear Bill,

Thank you so much for your hospitality today at the tasting.  Both Elijah and I thought the food was outstanding.  We are both very much looking forward to working with you for the success of the Payoyo-Randawa wedding on July 9th.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  Thank you.

Warm regards,

Erik Franklin, CMP

Director of Catering

The Golf Club at Newcastle

15500 Six Penny lane

Newcastle, WA 98059

Tel: (425) 793-4648


 Review from V S.

V S.

Kirkland, WA


Amazing food, great ambiance and very friendly people working here! I went for dinner with friends over the weekend and everyone loved it. I had the Chicken Tikka Masala, which was fantastic, and my friends had the coconut curry, lamb medallions, and a shrimp dish – I tasted it all and it was fantastic too. Chutney’s Garlic naan and rice went perfectly with everything we ordered. We also started with veggie samosas and a cheese/ chickpea dish, which I recommend, and finished the meal with an AMAZING ice cream trio and some sweet honey doughnuty things. Oh, and my mango lassi was also fantastic. I highly recommend this restaurant to all who appreciate great Indian food.

Nancy K.

Mercer Island, WA


My husband and I have been going to Chutney’s for years, and we have never been disappointed.  We have eaten in many Indian restaurants in the Seattle area, but this one remains our favorite. The food is terrific.  We like all of their dishes, but the lamb (or chicken) saag and vegetable korma are special favorites. The mussels (appetizer) are out of this world.  The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Bill, the owner, and all of the staff, are helpful and really friendly.  I am completely mystified by the negative reviews!

  love their naans. And I like the taste of their curry. My Indian friends said the taste isn’t authentic enough. However, any of my friends who are not from Indian (including myself) love it!

Ricki H.


San Francisco, CA


Great service

by sallyjon at Citysearch

Wonderful service and food ,had a wonderful time here .The manager took great care of us and made us feel special.We were a big group on a weekend yet we were given all the attantion and treatment you would get in a five star restaurant.The food was lovely too.Just right as far as the spice was concerned.



by jennysal at Citysearch

Had a satisfying meal in a classy restaurant after a long time .The attentive service ,the food and ambiance were a class act.,despite being short staffed,everything was so lovely.

The owner does get a bit touchy feeley,and just parties with friends while the waiters strive to deliver.The chef has a magic touch.

truly ,a fantastic evening.

by shanedubier at Citysearch

Excellent food,just right as far as the spices went.Good recomendations by  the Owner,who went out of his way to prepare a special menu for us despite being very busy, found the time to ensure everything was spot on. My director was very impressed, even offered him a job in our company with better wagesand terms, but he politely declined saying he was very happy where he was.

This is now our new favourite restaurant.


by ramprasad22 at Citysearch



Delightful place ,good food,with an out of the world service experience.No request seemed too much for the Owner,  and chef   Raju. Generous portions too.Would rate this the best indian restaurant in Washington.

Good Indian food, slow service

by cotchsundae at Citysearch

I’ve been to Chutney’s many times, both to dine-in and for take-out at dinner time. The decor is simple but nice. The food is usually very good, my favorites are Chickpea Veggie Fritters (they are like pakoras but more flavored, mmm!) and Chicken Tikka Masala. The Tandoori Chicken and the roast lamb are usually good too. The Saag Paneer (spinach and paneer cheese) is somewhat bland.

The service was very good at first, but over the years it has become fairly slow. Some of the waiters are attentive and friendly, others seem not to care. It’s more slow at lunchtime. This is not a huge drawback if you’re ordering take-out, but is pretty annoying when seated.

The best part about Chutney’s is that they actually make non-spicy Indian food that still tastes flavorful. A friend of mine is very sensitive to spice and this is the only place that can consistently make mild Indian food (everywhere else is variable).

If you want mild Indian food that still has flavor and seasonings, this is a good option.

  • Pros: Good food that can be ordered mild

Great place for lunch!

by urbantwentysomething at Citysearch

The eclectic mix of flavors and assortment of Vegetarian food makes this restaurant one of my favorite lunch spots! Quick and attentive service.

  • Pros: Vegetarian Food and Great Service
  • Cons: None

Great service

by sallyjon at Citysearch

Wonderful service and food ,had a wonderful time here .The Owner/Manager took great care of us and made us feel special.We were a big group on a weekend yet we were given all the attantion and treatment you would get in a five star restaurant. The food was lovely too. Just right as far as the spice was concerned.

Fred W.


Kirkland, WA

My My wife and I wanted a good Indian meal to help us forget about my her upcoming surgery.  I almost passed on this great restaurant due to the negative reviews.  That would have been a big mistake.

We were seated by the owner Bill, a gracious and gregareous hoast. Though we had never been there he made us feel like regulars.  He recommended the rack of lamb which he said “was to die for” (it is).  Also on his recommendation we ordered the Chicken Coco Cury and Eggplant Bharta, both delightful. The combination of flavors was exquisit.

The pleasant ambiance and great service, combined with the great food, made it the dining experience we were looking for.  As it was much needed, consequently it was much appreciated.

Bill has two more regulars, and we told him so.


Timothy H.

I eat food.

Bellevue, WA

I’ve been going to Chutneys for several years, and I have never been disappointed.  The food and service is great!


Ragini M.

San Jose, CA

I checked and re-checked and re-re-checked if the Chutney’s I was reading about was the same place I had eaten at! I don’t understand the negative reviews here. This place is fabulous!

I visit Seattle on work fairly often; and eat here everytime. As an Indian living in the US, lemme tell you, genuine tasty Indian fare is not as common as you’d think. And Chutney’s does it with panache.

My first two times here, I had the chicken tikka masala with garlic naan (That’s the safest option when it comes to Indian food). If an Indian restaurant messes up even this really simple entree, I write it off immediately. I was pleasantly surprised. The food’s rich no doubt, but its lip smackingly good. Specify your spice level, and go with a 4/5 even if you feel you have a high spice tolerance.

After the owner observed I was ordering the same thing the third time over, he came up to me and said ‘Try the lamb cashew’. And boy, am I glad I listened to him. It was the best friggin curry I’ve had in a looong time. He recommended the bread that’d bring out the flavor best too. 4.5 stars, I thought.

Yesterday, I went with half a lamb cashew, and half an okra curry (because I needed me some veggies). The okra curry was ok, tasty, but not as good as the lamb and chicken. However, just as I was leaving, the owner asked me what I missed most from home, the dishes that my mom created magic with. Once I told him, he said he’d order it specially for me if I gave him enough notice (My mom’s mutton curry, goat curry, not lamb, and that’s why he needed enough notice). Just the fact that he was willing to make me a smashing goat curry, umm.. 5 freakin stars!

Janell S.

Back from a marvelous anniversary dinner at Chutney’s.  Bill, the owner, is so very friendly as are the other staff.  Many wonderful menu choices, flavors, and at a great price for all you get with the meal.  Our daughter said that the meal “was fit for a king!”  The ice creams are amazing and not to be found elsewhere.  The tandoori is our favorite!  You could tell by the laughter in the room that all the other patrons had a wonderful evening like we did.  This is our favorite Indian restaurant and will be back (SOON!) for more.

Bellevue, WA

Jaivir A.


My wife and I just celebrated my daugther’s first birthday here. We had the whole place to ourselves and all of our 70+ guests were well taken care of. The staff organized the place such that the main quadrangle area had the tables set up for lunch and the rest of the area was available for kids to run around as well as play games. The manager personally served appitizers and drinks at the various tables and kept inquiring with our guests to ensure that they were being well served. The food was great and got compliments from many of our guests. Overall, it was a great experience.

Bellevue, WA


Sharan H.

Kent, WA

Fantastic food, great quality, and excellent service! I’m very surprised with the negative reviews.The owner (Bill) is very accommodating and always ensures that we are enjoying ourselves and the food! Everything was absolutely delicious! My favorites: the paneer tikka masala, murg bahar, the rack of lamb, the onion/cilantro naan and the desserts are also very good. I’ve been coming here for the past 4 years and I’m never disappointed :)

Sandi S.

Bellevue, WA


My husband and I live in downtown Bellevue and had never tried Chutneys before tonight.  We didn’t feel like cooking after work so decided to go to Chutneys because it was close and because I bought some coupons awhile back in order to try new places.   Am I glad we tried Chutneys!!!   They’re now my FAVORITE restaurant in downtown Bellevue.   They have a wide variety to choose from and most entrees are between $10 – $20 (unlike tons of other restaurants in downtown Bellevue which are more in the $15 – $25 range).   We ordered chicken tikka masala, garlic & basil naan, tandori chicken plus gulab jamun for dessert.   For drinks we had a mango colada and madras cooler.   The drinks were great (not watered down) and the food was delicious.   We thoroughly enjoyed it all, ate too much and still had enough leftovers for a decent sized meal which we took home.     My husband likes spicy foods but I don’t – we ordered the chicken tikka masala at “3″ out of 5 for spicy-ness.   It was plenty spicy for me (next time I’ll order it at “2″) and my hubby liked it but might try the “4″ next time.  Loved the flavor.  The tandori chicken was moist and flavorful and the gulab jamun was delightful.   The owner seems like a very friendly, jovial person.   I liked the size of the restaurant along with the decor – very nice yet not stiff and pretentious.  The service was great too…our waiter plus another  guy stopped by often to see if we needed anything.  We had a wonderful experience eating at Chutneys and plan to go back often.

    • Review from Howard C.
  • Howard C.

    Mix great food with great people and great golf whenever possible!

    Mukilteo, WA

    Maybe it’s because I’m a fan of that new show Outsourced on NBC that I’ve been craving Indian cuisine!  Maybe it’s because I’m tired of eating Pho for lunch!  In either case, I thought I’d share on Yelp today. . .

    My first experience was definitely a 4 star (because we ordered individual dishes for dinner).  The lamb was pretty impressive.

    The lunch buffet is about a 2.5 (which is what I had today).  I guess that makes this place a solid 3!  I’m definitely not one for mediocrity when it comes to food, but when I go with friends or colleagues, the experience is better!  I would never dine alone here however.  If I did that, the mediocrity would definitely be clear and I’d be upset that I paid the $11!

  • Review from Sanjay F.

    Sanjay F.

    This former butler is now at Yelps service.

    Bellevue, WA

Review from E F.

  • Review from Tim H

  • 03/09/2010

    Whenever I travel to Seattle/Redmond/Bellevue I make my best effort to have one meal at Chutney’s.  It’s my favorite Indian place in the area (I don’t live there so don’t shoot me if there are better — tell me where they are!).

    The service isn’t always the best and I sometimes feel that is is a little snotty, but the food has never let me down for dinner (never been for lunch buffet).  The Tikka Massala and Vindaloo with Naan always leave me wanting more.

    Chutneys Indian Restaurant

  • Review from Naurry K.

    Naurry K.

    Portland is a city where young people go to retire.

    Seattle, WA

  • 10/23/2009

    Solid 3 stars!

    The buffet’s on the tad expensive side at $10 a person but the food is delicious – the offerings are fresh and varied.  However, the service sucks. I can’t count how many times the staff has been inattentive or otherwise oblivious to our presence.

    P.S. $3.50 for a single serving of soda is a rip! (I’m sure they’re free refills but I wouldn’t know.)

    Review from Kaitlin F.

  • Kaitlin F.

    You call this tuna fish? Feh.

    Redmond, WA

  • 03/09/2010

    When i went there for lunch today I discovered that Zen Asian Bistro up the block was closed, due to eviction? I’m not sure. Anyway, totally dissapointed, time’s runinng out on my lunch, gotta figure out where to eat when i pass Chutney’s and go “Oh, buffet, that’ll be quick”.  An at-first-seemingly-nice old man leads me to a table, and i go up to the buffet. At first i was a little dissapointed not to see butter chicken, my favorite, but i filled up my plate with Tandoori Chicken, and rice, and some cumin flavored potatoes, and it was good. Every thing was moist and really well flavored (says a girl who doesn’t do well with really spicy dishes). It was not super spicy, which was a plus for me.  Went back for seconds, and then thirds! It was nice that they had some ceaser salad and fruit salad too. Cantaloupe was really good.

    My one note would be the customer service. You always make sure the customer has enough water, and if you’re using paper napkins, enough napkins. Not so much here. And the seemingly nice old man was kind of creepy. He never spoke, and every time our eyes met, i felt like i had done something to dissapoint him.

    Despite the service, the place is nice enough and the food is good enough that i will definitely be back.

    Review from Irene L.
  • Review from Nestor P.


    I’m not Indian but I think this restaurant offers a good selection of indian dishes that meet expectations

    The atmosphere is really good and the food is delicious and tasty. the service is outstanding and the restaurant includes a nice selection of dishes for vegetarians.

    Because is not that big, the restaurant is ideal for events because you can close it for your event at a very reasonable price. The staff is prepared to hosts events and your guests will have a nice experience.

    I saw some reviews that the place is not good for kids, I do not agree with that however i went there for a private event.

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    • Review from Bob G.
    • Review from Katie C.
  • Katie C.

    lovelove hamster

    Bellevue, W

  • 07-04-2007

  • I finally had the opportunity to eat in the restaurant, so I’m updating this review. I’ve become smitten with the lunch buffet, not because I like to stuff myself until I can barely walk but because I like to pay half price for good food.

    Chutney’s offers a standard selection of popular Indian dishes, such as samosas, pakoras, a few kinds of naan, and more curries than you can shake a stick at. They also have some tandoor-cooked meats. Unlike many other Indian restaurants in the area Chutney’s takes some liberties with their menu, and it’s in those dishes Chutney’s really shines. My favorites are the mango chicken curry, which features huge chunks of mango, and the pomegranite chicken curry. Both incorporate tandoori chicken in manageable high-quality white-meat chicken chunks. This is a huge improvement over other restaurants which serve greasy dark meat chicken bits.

    In that sense, Chutney’s is not terribly authentic as far as Indian cuisine goes. You probably wouldn’t find a Chutney’s-quality restaurant outside of a hotel or office building in India. Their spiciness rating system is inconsistent (sometimes a 4 star is like a 1 star, sometimes it’s like a 4). Also adding to the American feel of the place is the price–Chutney’s ain’t cheap. You’re probably not going to get out of there without spending at least $25 per person on dinner. The portions are large, though, so you can split an entree with a friend and get some garlic naan and an appetizer to save money.

    As for the buffet, it’s the best feature of the restaurant as far as I’m concerned. It’s about $10 a person and you get a wide selection of tasty, if not authentic, food. Another reviewer mentioned the lack of spiciness; you can counter this by asking the manager for some hot sauce. I did this the other day and he was more than happy to oblige. The curries in the buffet change daily, so theoretically you could eat here every day and get something different each time. I’m not sure when they started doing it, but instead of the very salty crisp bread they used to give each table at lunch they now provide actual warm and soft delicious naan. Chutney’s owner, if you are reading this that was just about the best move you could have made. OM NOM NAAN.

  • Chutneys Indian Restaurant

    Review from Sally M.
  • Sally M.

    i eat Sunshine.

    San Francisco, CA

    Decent Indian food – not awful, but not super authentic. (For all the SFers, it’s definitely not as good as Pakwan in the Mission, or Shalimar in the Tenderloin or Nob Hill.)

    I came here with my new manager tonight (who I just love! we will have such fun on this new project!), and she and I had fun with the dipping sauces (though I still don’t like tamarind – my ex adored that stuff, and ate it in this paste straight from the bag, weird).

    Anyhow, I ordered the mango chicken curry, and it was fine, just nothing spectacular. Also, I requested it to be medium on the spicy, and it wasn’t in the least. That said, my colleague asked for her coconut chicken curry to be mild/slightly spicy, and hers tasted spicy to her…. hmmmm. We also ordered a cheesy naan, but didn’t really taste the cheese – it really didn’t have much taste at all, actually.

    Overall, however, the food was fine. But the service was another story. We had a friendly waitor, who was gregarious at first, but then it was like he vanished. We had to flag him down for refills on water and beverages; I had to ask (nearly beg) him to take away my dishes (since I’m a slow eater, and finished last), as he just didn’t get the clues that I was done (i.e. my silverware was diagonally across my plate, facing left – hello?!?) :) ; and I also had to ask for the check at the end… it just dragged on far too long. And as much as I love my new manager, since I’m on voice rest right now, I can only talk for so long. I wanted to get home (i.e. the hotel), rest my voice, and go to bed early.

    So, a solid 3 stars – decent food, but lacking on the service.

  • Lei G.

    Forever stuck

    Bellevue, WA

    4/29/2009 Chutney’s is downstairs from my apartment and it does have a decent lunch buffet at about $10 (after tax). The rice pudding is great! Ordering things off the menu though is a lot more expensive. A good dinner generally will run about $25 without drinks.
    Chutneys Indian Restaurant

  • Review from Arvind K.

    Arvind K.

    woof woof

    Bellevue, WA


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    For a few dollars more…

    It all started well, me and a few colleagues working in DT decided to try this place for lunch. We found a table real quick, the lunch buffet menu was adequate – with limited amount of choices, which personally I prefer. The food tasted good too. We had to try out the $4 Mango lassi which although not the best was still ok.

    Food’s good, but please make sure you don’t caught in the moment and end up paying whatever he asks for. ASK for the itemized receipt and do not leave until you get one. Finally, if you care to pay the tip – do so directly to the server/waiter.

    Review from michelle s.
  • 9/3/2006

    This review is based on take-out only…

    Along with being new parents, my husband and I are new to the area which means we don’t have access to free babysitters or someone we would trust with our precious child yet so we can check out all of the local restaurants sans child…so that means TAKE-OUT rules more often than not when we don’t feel like cooking or want something more exotic than Baja Fresh.  Chutney’s never fails to amaze us.  Their food is consistently good and flavorful.  I always get the lamb with cashew nuts – something I order at every Indian restaurant as my gauge of how good the food is – and Chutney’s is one of THE best I’ve had so far.  Not to mention they are about a block from our place so the food arrives piping hot and fresh.   Yum.  Yum.  Now I’m hungry…

    Update:  I’ve been to Chutney’s several times for their lunch buffet and it is just as good as the dinner menu.  The service is a bit spotty (or snotty depending on who you get) but you can’t beat authentic Indian food buffet for about $10 and you are in and out within an hour.  It’s good for groups of co-workers because it’s faster than ordering off the menu too.

     Listed in: My Neighborhood – Redmond that…

  • 08/12/09

    decent food bad service

    by citysearchsux at Citysearch

    The food was ok, no real complaints there. The waiter was aloof and inattentive. I ordered vindaloo which is a curry. In most restaurants you go to a curry comes with rice with no extra charge since the curry itself is just a sauce. At Chutneys I was brought a side of rice (a small side of rice at that), no problem there until my bill arrived. $2 for the rice. It was not mentioned anywhere on the menu that rice was extra nor was I asked if I wanted rice along with the meal.

    Bottom line, the service is terrible, see the other reviews, I’m not the only one that feels this way. Go to other restaurants in the Eastside, their food is just as good and they actually appreciate your business.

    • Pros: decent vindaloo
    • Cons: service


Great food but the service could be better

by TravelBug3 at Citysearch

I am a regular at Chutneys and I absolutely love the food. The service is a little slow at times but the food is definitely worth it. The Burg Mahar is fantastic and I love how you can order it customized to the level of hotness you want.

  • Pros: Customize the level of spice in your dishes
  • Cons: Service is slow

Great Upscale Indian Restaurant”

 Guest, Tuesday, November 03, 2009
This review is for: Chutneys of Bellevue

The good here was great. The ambiance was nice, it has a simple but classy look to it. There are other Indian restaurant with cheaper food but at chutneys you get your value for your money. It is beyond a family restaurant even if the size suggests otherwise. I nice place with perfect service

User Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

by AshokJain

Quality Indian Food and excellent location: Buffee quality of food is good specially fresh hot naan served, though not enough variety. Service is not very professional. Undercover Parking is free in downtown Bellevue. Kids friendly. Ambience pretty good. Buffee under $10 is an excellent value. I’m a regular customer.



Jason Fox ‎ – May 4, 2011

I started talking with Bill, the owner, and asked him to bring me his favorites. I am not sure what I ate, but it was awesome. I was a little worried when the bill came, but it was very reasonable. You can not go wrong with the Naan.